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Dr. Barış Çakır'ın 1 Haftalık Programı


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Attend as Dr Baris Cakir fellowship has been one of my most pleasant experiences as a professional. All in a very professional and human space at the same time ,setting with a well trained and friendly staff. There are 05 days in the prestigious clinic American Hastanazi in beautiful Istanbul. His technique is itself revolutionary, break dogmas and paradigms of the classical techniques of rhinoplasty ,both closed and open. It is an honor to be involved in and be witness in his surgeries. Without fear I think that the concepts and techniques used by Dr. Baris Cakir are the future of aesthetic rhinoplasty. As a recommendation I suggest to read pre-trip his publication Aesthetic Septorhynoplasty a way to understand and follow the thread of his speech.

Dr. Jaralampos Giagtzidakis.
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  Venezuela.


One have to draw a nose with polygons you’ll understand BARIS CAKIR NOSE CONTOURNING by shaping not only the cartilage, especially the tip and columella but also bones that you can cut and get thinner with one instrument When performing mid face and face and neck lift on having to deal with the SMAS (the muscles and vessels) and the retaining ligaments by restoring or preserving them. In the rhinoplasty ti have to be the same ; ligaments and muscles participate to the shape and mobility of the nose Dr Baris CAKIR demonstrated me that most of the surgeons are not making a REAL subperichondrial dissection plan on the upper and lower cartilage damaging the SMAS and ligaments (Pitanguy and scroll). Operate as he does without bleeding or deformation of the nose is essentialto respect theses units; there for very moderate infiltration of vasocontrictive solution and time is important to achieve nose blanching before beginning This is the reason why I saw several patients of Dr Baris CAKIR at 10 days surgery who seem to be a 6 month ago (no bruising no swelling The surgeons in other Specialty tend to reduces the size of the scar from surgery so why do most of the nose surgery is done by open; I think that if you give the opportunity to the patients to choose with or without the scar for the same result, I hardly believe that they will choose the scar. Moreover, by making the open we destroy the PITANGUY ligament which is so difficult to restore and so essential for the tip appearance Dr Baris CAKIR technique is performed mostly by close approach.

I thank you Maestro


Dear Dr Cakir, ( Big Brother as you told us the last dinner we had) I would like to thank both your wife and yourself for your gracious welcome and your warm hospitality during our stay in Istanbul. We have been very moved by your kindness and daily attention. Learning your technique at your side has been a very rewarding and enlightening experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your expertise in such a selfless way to allow other surgeons to grow and develop their skills. Your teachings are a great source of inspiration. We would be delighted to welcome you and your family in Morocco during the next summer holiday period as Cigdem has suggested. Thank you again for so many things, Best regards,
Hassan Ben Moussa


Ben Turkiyeden uzmanligimi aldim. Şu an memleketim Bakude çalişıyorum. Asistanlik suresinde kurs ve konqrelerde sayin Baris Cakir in burun ameliyatlarini ve kendine has tekniklerini takip ediyordum. Dikkatimi ceken husus, ameliyyatdan sonra erken surecte şişlik ve morluklarin az olmasi, reabilitasyon surecinin kisa olmasi, postop gec donemde daha fonksionel sonuclarin olmasi idi. Şu an 3 yillik uzmanim ve 1 hafta suresinde Baris beyin ameliyatlarini izledim ve kendime cok faydali oldugunu dusunuyorum. Kapali teknikle Pitanguy ligamaninin korunmasi ve scroll ligamanlarinin onarimi hosuma giden kisimlardan oldu, ayrica osteotomi teknigi ve kullanilan aletlerin noninvaziv olmasi,morluklarin hemen-hemen hic olmamasina neden olur, 1 haftadir kendim de ayni teknigi uyguluyorum, ilk başladikta uygulanişı zor olsa da kullandikça, el alışkanliğı artiyor. Burun estetiğini aktif yapan meslektaşlarima kesinlikle izlemelerini tavsiye ediyorum. Bariş Çakır a ise misafirperverliyinden ve sabirla teknik detaylari anlattigindan dolayi teşekkür ediyorum.
I thank you Maestro
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