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Estetik Rinoplasti Kitabı
Kapalı Burun Estetiği Ameliyatında Açık Teknik Uygulamaları ve Poligon Rinoplasti Konsepti
Aesthetic Septorhinoplasty Kitabı
Depicts in detail how open techniques can be employed via a closed approach to rhinoplasty
Explains how to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes utilizing the closed approach
Contains a wealth of photos illustrating techniques step by step, as well as end results
Dr. Rollin K. Daniel'in Kitabı için yazdığı önsöz
"Dr. Baris Cakır has written a worthy successor to Jack Sheen’s monumental text Aesthetic Rhinoplasty. As a resident, I remember reading Sheen’s text- book and suddenly seeing rhinoplasty in a fundamentally new way. Sheen set specific aesthetic goals and achieved them with a range of new techniques which he had developed. For the next 30 years, I learned a great deal in the operating room and from lectures by my colleagues. However, I had not had that feeling of excitement of witnessing a new era in rhinoplasty surgery until I attended the Combined Rhinoplasty Meeting of the Turkish and American Rhinoplasty Societies held in Istanbul in 2011. As usual, I was taking notes and trying to stay awake late in the afternoon during the 5 min presentations. Suddenly, I became aware that something dramatic was happening. A speaker was talking about new concepts for tip aesthetics (polygons), bony vault remodeling (bony sculpting), and nostril sill excision. When the session was over, I went up to Dr. Cakir and asked him if he would present the talk again for me the next morning. He did and I had him repeat it three times. I was totally amazed at his concepts, but wondered if he could really do in the operating room what he was presenting. Therefore, I asked him if he could do a case for me. The conversation went as follows: “I’d like to see you do a case.” “When?” “Tomorrow.” “Okay.” The next day, Dr. Cakir did a rhinoplasty employing a wide range of techniques which he had developed and achieved a superb result. Later that day at lunch, my head was still reeling from trying to under- stand the nasal polygons, his advanced tip suture techniques, and repair of numerous ligaments that I had routinely cut. I reasoned that the only way I could understand his concepts was to help Dr. Cakir write up his techniques which he had thus far been unable to publish. Subsequently, he came to me and said he had more ideas for journal articles. I told him that he would always have too many ideas and too little time. I advised him to go ahead and write a book as it would clarify his thinking and allow others to build on his concepts. Naively, I thought he would be preoccupied for a couple of years. Six months later, he sent me the manuscript and 3 months after that the Turkish Edition was published to be followed by the English Edition.

In reading Dr. Cakir’s masterpiece, I am struck anew by how original and advanced his concepts truly are. Something as mundane as nasal photography and analysis suddenly becomes an art form and the use of preoperative “shadow photographs” a brilliant break through. Some of his polygon concepts require multiple readings before one fully understands them. For example, the concept of a “resting angle” between the lower lateral and upper lateral crura is totally new. At first one may think it is of little importance, but when linked to the long lateral crus and herniation of the lateral crus into the vestibule its relevance becomes obvious. One suddenly has an answer for a previously inexplicable problem as well as a method of treatment and more importantly a method of prevention. The discussion of multiple tip points and definition of the soft tissue facets as well as their relation to specific tip sutures is crucial information. In the surgical technique chapter, the importance of the continuous subperichondrial-subperiosteal dissection plane becomes apparent. The novice surgeon should remember that many of his techniques were perfected through the open approach before Dr. Cakir progressed to the closed approach. There are certain ideas which I disagree with including scoring of the septum, leaving a 2 mm gap between the septal base and the anterior nasal spine, and resection of the membranous septum. I also recognize that the book may prove daunting to some given the plethora of new concepts and the quality of the English translation. Yet, this is a book to be savored and read multiple times before returning to specific chapters for greater insight into the challenges of rhinoplasty sur- gery. For the younger surgeon, the book provides in-depth discussion of how to analyze and photograph the patient while formulating an individualized patient-specific operative plan. The linkage of surface aesthetics to nasal anatomy to surgical techniques is the foundation of this text. For the experi- enced surgeon, the book will be a revelation of how to set and achieve higher aesthetic standards using the described methods. For the master surgeon, Dr. Cakir challenges many of our accepted principles and techniques ranging from the aesthetic dorsal lines to the need for lateral crural transposition. Every surgeon performing nasal surgery should purchase a copy of Aesthetic Septorhinoplasty as Dr. Cakir’s concepts, principles, and techniques represent the future of rhinoplasty surgery.
Newport Beach, CA, USA
Rollin K. Daniel
Burun Estetiği Üzerine Bilimsel Makaleleri
Surface Aesthetics and Analysis.
Çakır B, Öreroğlu AR, Daniel RK.
Clin Plast Surg. 2016 Jan;43(1):1-15. doi: 10.1016/j.cps.2015.09.004. 
PMID: 26616690
Surface Aesthetics in Tip Rhinoplasty: A Step-by-Step Guide.
Çakır B, Öreroğlu AR, Daniel RK.
Aesthet Surg J. 2014 Aug;34(6):941-55. doi: 10.1177/1090820X14537643. Epub 2014 Aug 1.
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Bone dust and diced cartilage combined with blood glue: a practical technique for dorsum enhancement.
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Rhinoplasty and brow modification: a powerful combination.
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Rhinoplasty: surface aesthetics and surgical techniques.
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Aesthet Surg J. 2013 Mar;33(3):363-75. doi: 10.1177/1090820X13478968.
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A complete subperichondrial dissection technique for rhinoplasty with management of the nasal ligaments.
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Osteoectomy in Rhinoplasty: A New Concept in Nasal Bones Repositioning.
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Ann Plast Surg. 2016 Jun;76(6):622-8. doi: 10.1097/SAP.0000000000000588.
PMID: 26207562
Dr. Barış Çakır'ın Tüm Makaleleri
Dr. Barış Çakır'a ait tüm makaleleri ulaşmak için tıklayınız...
2014-2016 Yılları Arası Kongre Konuşmaları
2016 YILI

Haziran 2016

1 budapeşte kadavra toplantısı

Haziran 2016 Eurosian 

1 Reducing nostril lobule volume 
2 Tip projection dynamics

Ocak 2016 ASAPS Las vegas

1 Nostril surgery
2 Closed tip surgery
2015 YILI

Kasım 2015 National Brazil Meeting Belo Horizonte

3 konuşma

Ağustos 2015 Arjantin Plastic Surgery Meeting Iguazu 

5 konuşma

Haziran 2015 Bern İsviçre EWAPS 

3 konuşma ve rhinosculpture kursu

Haziran 2015 Stockholm, BTU Congress

2 konuşma

Mayıs 2015 TPCD rinoplasti kongresi

2 konuşma ve canlı cerrahi Nisan

2015 Marmara plastik cerrahi kliniği


Mart 2015 Milanomasterclass

5 konuşma

Ocak 2015 Moscova rinoplasti kursu

5 konuşma 2 canlı cerrahi
2014 YILI

Eylül 2014 Brezilya RIO ISAPS kongresi

1. Rhinosculture cerrahi sanatı heykel kursu
2. Otorim greft

Eylül 2014  KIBRIS plastik cerrahi derneği kongresi

1. Kompozit rinoplasti
2. Otorim greft

Haziran 2014 

Rinoplasti ile ilgili 6 konuşma

2014 Mart Bergamo açık rinoplasti kursu

1. Otorim graft
2. lateral ostektomi
3. internal taping
4. New issue: Step by step surgery in open aproach (polygon concept)

2014  Şubat İMCAS PARİS

1. Bone surface thinning 
2. Oto-rim greft
2011-2013 Yılları Arası Kongre Konuşmaları
2013 YILI

Ekim 2013 Türk Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Derneği  Kurultayı

1. Burun kanadı cerrahisi

Ağustos 2013 Brezilya Fortaleza İsasps Kursu

1. Polygon concept in Rhinoplasty
2. Using Serratus muscle in subfascial augmentation,  

Haziran 2013 İstanbul Rinoplasty society of Europa

1.Oto-rim greft

Haziran 2013 Eurosia  İstanbul

1. Bone surface thinning 
2. Internal taping 

Haziran 2013 Venezula ISAPS course

1.Rhinoplasty Dissection                                              Baris Cakir (Turquia)
2.Techniques in Tip Refinement                                 Baris Cakir (Turquia)
3.Dorsum Surgery                                                           Baris Cakir (Turquia)
4. Nostril Resection                                                        Baris Cakir (Turquia)

Mayıs 2013 TPCD rinoplasti kursu

1.Tip cerrahisi
2. Diseksiyon

Şubat 2013 Ulusal Mısır Plastik Cerrahi kongresi

1.İnternal taping for Rhinoplasty
2.Surface Aesthetics of Rhinoplasty

Şubat 2013 PARİS Rhinoplasty Society of Europa Rhinoplasty video symposium

1. Close approach dissection
2. Dom sutures
3. İnterdomal sutures

ŞUBAT 2013 Paris İMCAS 

1.Thin skin patients for Rhinoplasty
2.Team work open-closed approach advantages and disadvantages.
2012 YILI

Kasım 2012 TPCD Antalya, Endoskopik Fonksiyonel Rinoplasti Kursu

External nazal valve

Haziran 2012 Eurosia  

Combination of footplate setback and lateral crus steal procedure 

Haziran 2012 EASAPS

A Complete Subperichondrial Dissection Technique for Rhinoplasty With Management of the Nasal Ligaments

Haziran 2012:  5. TPCD Ankara Rinoplasti Kursu  

Facet poligon Rinoplasti heykel kursu

Haziran 2012: Vancouver KANADA ASAPS meeting

Rhinoplasty: A Complete Subperichondrial Dissection with Management of the Nasal Ligaments

Haziran 2012: Vancouver Rhinoplasty Society meeting  

1.Rhinoplasty: A Complete Subperichondrial Dissection with Management of the Nasal Ligaments

2.Rinoplasti Surface Aesthetics

Nisan 2012: Stutgart Europian Rhinoplasty Society

 Dorsum of the nose.

9 Ocak 2012: Estetik Cerrahi derneği kış toplantısı

1.Rinoplasti Surface Aesthetics: 
2.Rhinoplasty: A Complete Subperichondrial Dissection with Management of the Nasal Ligaments (ASJ: Aesthetic Surgery Journal da yayın olarak kabul edildi.
2011 YILI

17 Aralık 2011: Türk-Alman Plastik Cerrahi derneği

1.Rinoplasti Surface Aesthetics
2.Rhinoplasty: A Complete Subperichondrial Dissection with Management of the Nasal Ligaments: (ilk defa anlatıldı.)

Kasım 2011: İran Tehran Advanced Rinoplasti Kursu

Rinoplasti Surface Aesthetics 

Haziran 2011 St. Petersburg. Rusya, ISAPS kursu

Sefalik Dom dikişi

Temmuz 2011: Lincoln University, Art Academy

Lincoln üniversitesi, “Sanatın, estetik cerrahi üzerine etkisi” araştırması için davet etti. Konuşma: Art and Rhinoplasty 

Temmuz 2011: Erivan. Ermenistan

Sefalik Dom dikişi

24-26 Haziran 2011 Avrasya Uluslararası Estetik Cerrahi Kursu, İstanbul Hilton Convention Center. 

1.Rinoplasti de Sefalik dom dikişi
2.Meme büyütmede Subfasyal teknik
3.Burun modelleme kursu   www.cerrahisanati.com

Mayıs 2011  Allergan Akademi. Florans Nightingale Hastanesi

Subfasya meme büyütme 
2009-2010 Yılları Kongre Konuşmaları
2010 YILI


1.Tip Delivery Tekniği
2.Rinoplastide Özellikli Cerrahi Ekipman
3.Eğri Burunda Cerrahi Prensipler Paneli
4.Sekonder Rinoplasti Paneli
5.Yeniden şekillendirme, tip desteği, aşırı projekte burun, projeksiyon artırımı, tip inceltilmesi, tip rotasyonu

Temmuz 2010: 8. Türk-Kıbrıs Plastik Cerrahi Derneği Toplantısı

Poligon rinoplasti 
2009 YILI

26-27 Aralık 2009 EPCD Kış Kongresi

-Libra Greft

19-22 Haziran 2009 13. Ulusal Estetik Plastik Cerrahi Derneği kongresi ISAPS Kursu Hilton Convention Center İstanbul      

-Koordinat rinoplasti

Aralık 2009 İstanbul EYBCD rinoplasti kursu

Rinoplasti Canlı Cerrahi ameliyatı, ve kapalı rinoplasti konuşması

Nisan 2009 2. TPCD Rinoplasti Kursu Ankara

1.Rinoplastide fotoğrafik dokümentasyon ve veritabanları 
2.Maksilla ve piriform apertür çevresine yaklaşımlar
3.Dom delivery teknik
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